GoBuySide Recruitment Made Easy with the Best Professional Team Out There

GoBuySide is a global recruitment platform that specializes in helping the private equity firms, hedge funding firms, financial corporations, investment management firms, and more to find talent for their firms. GoBuySide has grown its business considerably in the last few years due to the increased demand in the finance sector for talent with specialized skills. Arjun Kapur is the founder as well as the managing director of GoBuySide and it is his years of experience in the recruitment industry that gave him the idea of founding a tech-based platform for niche-recruitment. GoBuySide has been able to develop proprietary technology in collaboration with the top tech and management experts to be able to search, source, and screen the finance and investment professionals from across the globe. Apart from screening, their sourcing team is also professional and make them the top choice for even those looking for higher opportunities when it comes to their career. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Arjun Kapur in a recent interview discussed how and why he started GoBuySide, and why it has become essential for the companies to trust niche based recruitment solutions provider to find the right talent. Arjun Kapur said that the screening process developed by GoBuySide is unique and helps in finding the talent in the financial world that has the specific skill sets that the clients look for. Arjun Kapur also said that the conventional hiring methods were too broad and asymmetric to be able to deliver the specific needs of the investment management and financial corporations. GoBuySide is constantly evolving, and its network includes 10,000 firms globally. Arjun Kapur also said that he personally believes that to stay productive, the best way is to avoid distractions and stay away from the phone during work-time. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide has been growing ever since it was started because of their unique approach to recruitment. The company offers customized and unique services that allow their clients to keep up with their workforce needs. The company follows a flexible approach and do everything they can to find the best candidates for their clients not just locally but from around the world. The company aims to keep up with their work and help their clients in every way possible.

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