Greg Secker: Business man, entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Greg Secker is a renowned English businessman, writer, and entrepreneur, specializing in foreign exchange. Secker is known for his work in the international education of financial trading, a topic he wrote several books on, including Trading Your Way to Success, Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success, and Financial Freedom Through Forex.

Secker also founded several companies, such as Capital Index, Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and SmartChart Software. He also established the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization, in 2010. The foundation is committed to improving quality of life of people through education, skill development, and leadership initiatives.

Born in Norfolk, England, Greg Secker studied Agricultural and Food Sciences in the University of Nottingham. But while he was studying, he was also building and selling computers. He started to become more and more interested in coding, and even build 3D interactive models of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. During a job fair, Secker met with someone at Thomas Cook Financial Services, who offered him a job with the company, he later worked on the currency-trading floor to build the Virtual Trading Desk. This became the first online currency-trading platform.

His work on the platform sparked his interest in foreign exchange trading. His work in coding allowed him to understand the ins and outs of trading, as he worked on coding the functions necessary for the different trading strategies. And that is how he got his start in this arena.

Greg’s motto is that he is not a why guy, he is a why not guy. He believes in figuring out the details along the way, but at first, his approach is to say yes to things.

However, Secker also understands the need for a strong risk-management and strategy-driven approach.

Once Secker accumulated his wealth, he retired for a while. However, he realized he had a lot of knowledge to share, and began speaking in public, to empower people to create their own wealth through foreign currency trading. The Greg Secker Foundation grew from this same idea, to help empower youth and help them develop their life skills and shape their future paths.

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