Investment Expert Ian King Speaks Of Changing Landscape Caused By Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is proving to be capable of accomplishing more than just changing the how digital economic transactions are performed. The currency is also being seen to reshape the way start-up companies seek to secure capital for their business ventures.

Ian King, an entrepreneur and leading visionary in the cryptocurrency industry, explains that a large amount of the power of crypto may, in fact, be due to the efforts of these start-up operations that continue to propel the currency forward. Follow Ian King on

The Current Outlook For Startups

New companies in need of capital to begin operations often turn to individuals known as venture capitalists. These are investors that will provide funding for worthy business proposals in exchange for hefty returns on their money.

King, who is also a contributing editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, has questioned whether this model can survive in the era of cryptocurrency. Visit to know more about Ian King.

The Impact Of Cryptocurrency On The Average Investor

The rise of cryptocurrencies has caused nontraditional investors to become more interested in entering the world of investing. Leaders of crypto ventures are constantly seeking funds and often turn to crowdfunding models to find those funds. These models allow individuals who are looking to invest money to do so in very small amounts. The result is an industry where wealth is no longer a barrier to industry and more individuals can take part in the investment market.

Equal Access To Investments

The model that favors using money from venture capitalists often meant that the majority of shares and equity in a promising start-up was gobbled up quickly by the most wealthy investors. The growing role that crypto is playing in the world of business start-ups will result in more people being afforded the opportunity of corporate ownership.

Importance Of Market Awareness

Ian King, who has studied and worked in the investment industry for more than twenty years, says that another important factor should also be considered. King says that the embedding of cryptocurrency into the consciousness of everyday people has lessened the uncertainty that plagues many other business domains.

The Reach Of Cryptocurrency

It is estimated that $500 billion of the world’s money is currently invested in cryptocurrency. This means that any significant change in the market could have wide-reaching implications. Even more astonishing is the fact that that the market value of cryptocurrency grew by 25,000 percent in one calendar year.

Many believe this growth was fueled by the sale of initial coin offerings or ICO’s. This is a type of crowdfunding strategy that allowed for the sale of a portion of a creator’s cryptocurrency for cash.

The Outlook

Ian King believes that the current trends will continue and that more evidence of cryptocurrencies value to investors will cause great benefits to those individuals that make use of this unique opportunity.


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