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Bone density, otherwise known as bone mineral density is known as the amount of mineral deposits located in a bone tissue. The bone density is a general determiner of bone strength, integrity and health as it tells how much mass of mineral there is per volume.

The purpose of having bone density scans and screenings is to be able to determine the risks of bone diseases and conditions, such as fractures and osteoporosis. The name of the procedure is called densitometry, which is done in radiology clinics or nuclear medical institutions. This bone density screening is also known to be one of the facilities of Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening has been known to perform bone density scanning to several patients. The procedure is known to be pain-free and only has low radiation measures. The scan also is non-invasive, as the patient will not need to undergo open surgery to check the bone health.

The most common condition that requires bone density scanning is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the condition wherein the bone loss rate is quicker than the growth of another bone tissue. Complications of this condition puts an individual to having increased risk of fractures. It is quite difficult to detect if a person has osteoporosis due to the commonness of complications coming first before determining if the person had osteoporosis due to lack of awareness. That is why Life Line Screening offers this procedures to help patients detect bone loss before problems arise.

Specifically, the clinic does a risk screening of osteoporosis using the “pulse echo ultrasound”. This process involved using ultrasound waves detecting the thickness of the tibial bone. The tibia is described as the long bone which is same to the appearance to the thigh bone or femur. The tibial bone is one of the kinds that are prone to bone loss, fracture and osteoporosis, that is why it is one of the bones preferred to scan for a sample.

It is essential that an individual who considers having bone density scanning should consult his or her doctor, as well ask asking about the complications of having bone loss. There may be other assessments and treatments that may be considered.

Life Line Screening offers health-related scans, specifically ultrasound and EKG. The screenings are easy, efficient and painless. They assure highly trained professionals and staff that make use of advanced procedures and equipment for a safe and comfortable experience. They believe that having excellent equipment and skilled individuals in service produces accurate results that will give you the correct diagnosis and treatment for your conditions. Most of the screening procedures does not involve having bodily preparations as well.

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