Lime Crime Adds Unicorn Hair Dyes To Their Bold Beauty Lineup

For the adventurous in spirit, Lime Crime has launched a new line of Unicorn Hair Dyes. These bold, unicorn inspired hues come in 13 vibrant and aptly named colors. The Unicorn Hair Dye product line has been in process for three years, and for good reason. The semi-permanent hair dye delivers fantastic shades while containing no ammonia or bleach. All 13 shades are also made with vegan ingredients.

“What is Unicorn hair?” you might ask. Developed by the revolutionary beauty line Lime Crime, Unicorn themed products promote individuality with a rebellious kick. The web based beauty line’s hair dyes complement their adventurous lipstick line of crazy colors with a grunge element. You can select between hues with names like “dirty mermaid” and “anime” in order to create an enviable color straight from the bottle, or mix and match to make your own hues. Either way, your hair is sure to attract attention in any of these fantasy inspired colors.

Besides color, you can also choose from two formulas. For the brave unicorn lovers with blonde or bleached hair, full coverage delivers a bold and saturated color with its high pigmentation. Those who want a more subtle, but still unicorn themed hair color can choose a tint and expect a lovely pastel instead.

Lime Crime’s earth friendly founder, Doe Deere, didn’t have to look far when developing the Unicorn hair dye line. The “Unicorn Queen” is no stranger to vibrantly colored hair, and used her own locks as inspiration when developing the PETA approved, cruelty-free dyes.

Some users might be concerned about how these colors will look once applied. While the Unicorn Hair Dyes do not contain bleach, they show up best on bleached hair. But if you hair is dark and you aren’t willing to bleach, don’t dismay. The Unicorn full saturation hues will still show up as tints if you choose to use them without lightening your hair first. And of course, since Unicorn Hair Dyes are semi-permanent they are designed to fade over time with each hair wash. Use gentle products in order to lengthen the dye’s life span.

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