Need for Disclosing Social Security Information

David Giertz gave a piece of advice on how social security information is valuable to clients in his interview with WSJ on how to have a well-crafted, comprehensive retirement plan. He mentioned how most people lack knowledge on different kind of plans that they have depending on their needs when they will retire and adds that young people have more needs compared to the older people. Since many people lack such social security knowledge of many options to choose from, they normally end up with the first option they come across.

Mr. David Giertz faulted advisers who handle social security plans for not providing their clients with vital details because they think that the information is complex. Relevant information includes the returns and the benefits associated.

He also insisted on the importance for clients to disclose all the information regarding the social security since it usually accounts for over 40% of customers income when they retire. He suggested that advisers need to take an interest in the matter since they are part of the process in the retirement plan on

David concludes the interview by advising social security advisers to always have a deep discussion with their clients so that their retirement income may be optimized. He tells the financial experts to help their clients to benefit from social security, otherwise, they risk losing them.

David Giertz works for Nationwide Investment Services as the Senior Vice President and Financial Adviser in Columbus, Ohio. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Millikin University as well as an MBA from School of Business –Miami.

He previously worked for multiple financial companies like; The Mutual Life Insurance Company in New York, Skokie Federal Savings at He has over 30year of experience in the field of finance and has registered with FINRA as a broker which majorly entails trading financial securities on behalf of his customers.

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