Philanthropist James Dondero Helps to Facilitate the Return of Hippos to the Dallas Zoo

It’s been more than 15 years since hippos have been included at the Dallas Zoo, but the Harold Simmons Foundation was finally able to afford to build the Simmons Hippo Post, thanks to a final, generous $1 million donation from James Dondero, Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (Dallas, TX), was made.

The Dallas Zoo is committed to animal conservation, and it makes improvements to animal habitats whenever it can afford to. Despite many requests from visitors to bring hippos back to the zoo, the zoo did not bring in new hippos after the last one died in 2001 because it wanted to construct a more suitable and safer habitat for hippos than what it had.

Donations trickled in over the years, but $14 million dollars was the amount that was needed to build the new facility. Dallas mayor, Mike Rawlings, publicly credited James Dondero and the other major philanthropists with making the new facility possible. The Harold Simmons Foundation contributed $5 million when it launched the project. Four years of planning and one year of intense construction also went into bringing this dream to life.

With a herd of Okapi who roam the ridge area above, the Simmons Hippo Post can be found close to the monorail station in the Wilds of Africa part of the zoo. The new facility extends over 2.1 acres and includes a 24 foot by 8 foot, 120,000-gallon water hippo swimming tank. A male hippo named Adhama and a female hippo named Biopelo now live there and greet the guests who peer in at them through the tank’s viewing window.

David Giertz Helps Remind People That Everything Should Be Planned For

David Giertz is the former president of one of the biggest insurance providers. So when Giertz offers some advice, people listen. He recently used that authority to remind people about the importance of social security. It’s a vitally important part of people’s lives. However, it’s not brought up nearly enough. Either when talking to clients or as a response to their own concerns. It’s understandable when looking at the complexity of the social security system. Social security currently has around 2,700 associated rules which need to be considered when working with it. However, Giertz stresses that it’s a conversation which needs to happen. Clients who feel they’re not being given the full overview of their finances will move on to other financial advisors.


Giertz is obviously in a position to predict how various financial interactions will go. One of his most notable successes came about when he was leading the Financial Institutions Bank channel. During that period he was able to grow the revenue from $1.5 billion to $8 billion. Financial gain at such a huge level requires an extensive understanding of financial trends. But even more than that, it requires someone who really understands how the public as a whole relates to money.


This is one of the benefits of having been in practice for so long. Giertz has spent over thirty years in a leadership role within the financial service industry. During this time his primary focus has involved innovative strategies. He’s continually gone above and beyond to see what assumptions might need real testing. The results speak for themselves. His methodology has continually pushed him to the top of every position he’s held. For example, he vastly surpassed expectations when working at Nationwide Financial. That period showed him driving up profits from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. He’s continually pushed for innovative new ideas within the industry. And just as often those ideas have made sizable profits for the people involved.

5 Social Investments that James Dondero has Done through Donations

James Dondero is among the founders of Highland Capital Management, L.P is a man of the people. Has donates millions of his proceeds to non-profit making organization and charities. James is committed to improving the educational standards of those living in Dallas. He also partners with other partners to improve the standards of living of Dallas residents. The following are some of his major accomplishments.


The Dallas Zoo


James and his organization donated $1 million towards the development of the wildlife park. The amount was used build 4485 square foot Highland Hippo Hut. The hut is currently being employed by the zoo management to display private events.


The SMU’s Tower School Program


James Dondero has continually thrown his support towards education. His organization has donated over $2 million to the Southern Methodist University. The aim of the fund is to expose students to public policy making, access to the main leaders in the globe, opportunities to study abroad and offer insightful internships. His organization also provides financial assistance to needy students seeking a college degree. The program, commonly known as education is freedom initiative provides professional development, mentorship support, test preparations and internship programs.


George W. Bush Presidential Library


The Bush library aims at promoting an understanding of President Bush administration through artifacts and historical records. The library and Institute aim at preparing and developing young people to leadership positions by addressing the current challenging problems.


The Perot Museum of Natural Science


This particular museum is designed to help children appreciate and understand the beauty of math, science, and technology. The museum uses both education and hands on experience to achieve this task. The main museum has 11 exhibit halls that promote innovation, energy and technology themes. By supporting this venture, James believes that the only way to realize technological advancements is by introducing them to young and school going children. Once they develop the interest in the area, studying the subject becomes a lot easier.


Capital for Kids


Capital for the children is a network of investment and management professionals who volunteer to help the children in need. Through the program, James Dondero and his partners have been able to provide high-quality education to some low-income families in Dallas TX.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Has Been an Influential Legal Professional in the Brazilian Law making and the Legal Sector at Large

Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese, which led the country to adopt its law from the European country. Other external systems have also influenced the country’s law. These external influences include the Napoleonic code that influenced the Brazilian civil code. The civil code later adopted the Italian civil code that stands to date. The Brazilian civil law initially had a French influence and later adopted the German civil law. 1822 is the year the country gained its independence and the right to form its legal institutions and train lawyers. The country started its first law schools in 1827 in Sao Paulo and Olinda. The law profession has since been a lucrative line of study in the country as evidenced by the country’s great lawyers, such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira and learn more about Ricardo.

Becoming a Lawyer

The first step to becoming a lawyer in Brazil is to pass the Vestibular examination administered by each university. This exam allows students to be accepted to the university. The Brazilian learning institutions, however, gained the right to administer a state examination called ENEM in 2009. After passing the exam, the students undertake a law degree that takes less than five years. The universities that offer the law degree must be accredited by the National Commission of Legal Education of the OAB Federal Council. They are also regulated by the state’s Ministry of Education. Each student must pass the set subjects that are compulsory. The university training must also go hand in hand with internship programs. After graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree, a person is required to pass the OAB examination to be recognized as a lawyer. OAB is the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, which is the Brazilian Bar Association. This organization is mandated to regulate the country’s legal profession and contact him.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is Brazilian lawyer renowned internationally. He has a reputation of being actively involved in the Brazilian law making processes. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is currently one of the top managers at the Tosto & Barros advocates law firm.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho studied at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University for his law degree. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira then went to the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation for a course in Business Administration and more information click here.

The Changing Face of Housing with the Help of Nick Vertucci

California is facing a crisis in housing. Many people cannot qualify for a loan in order to purchase their dream home. Others are unable to afford the ever-climbing monthly rental expense. This is particularly true in the markets of San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. These cities have seen housing costs rise by as much as 75% during the last five years.


This housing nightmare is resulting in people being forced to take drastic actions, if they want to continue living in this popular state. For example, many more people are living in motor homea or vans. Others are purchasing mobile homes as an alternative to their dream home. On the extreme end, thousands of people are homeless and living on the streets or in their car. Nick Vertucci believes something has to give. He says there must be a serious correction in the near future.


When the bust, in the year of 2000, hit, Nick Vertucci lost everything. He was practically broke. He was forced to start over again in order to support his three daughters. Vertucci became a true example to his daughters. During the next few years he learned by trial and error, hard work and education. All of this resulted in Nick Vertucci building a multi-million dollar business. He successfully turned numerous real estate investments into large profits. Earlier this year he started the NV Real Estate Academy. This is his attempt to teach others how to take control of their financial future and enjoy a life of prosperity.


Vertucci decided when he became a millionaire he would teach his program to others. He became a millionaire. He then started to create his goals: help people get out of debt, make massive amounts of money; change their financial future for good. He said he has discovered that most people demonstrate the desire as well as the drive. However, Nick Vertucci says what they don’t have is the “know-how.” He says that is why he is here – his goal is to teach you what you need to know when you attend NV Real Estate Academy.

The Leading US Health Insurance Company of USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group, Inc. works in the industry of health management. It is a provider of a rich variety of health insurance plans to clients based in the United States of America. The company operates through a division for products distribution called USHEALTH Advisors.



Over the years, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has established itself as a company of high quality. It has become a leader in its line of work. Having been in the business for about fifty years, USHEALTH Group has become proficient at their craft. The company has been holding a leading position in its industry for many years. The focus of the USHEALTH Group is strongly directed towards providing clients with transparency and products that will be both cost effective and complete. The products of USHEALTH Group are created to revolutionize the way we approach health insurance plans. Most often than not, the client requires health insurance plans that are tailored to their needs. That is why the pre-made plans were created. There are about a dozen of them, and each one of them is unique. Every pre-made plan was designed with a different type of situation in mind. The catalog has something for everyone.



In case the client does not find what they need, the option to have a costumizable plan comes into play. In some cases, situations are too unique to fit any of the pre-made health insurance plans. USHEALTH Group understands that when it comes to health insurance, the same plan will not fit everybody, which is why clients can choose the option to create their own insurance plan. That comes with a lot of benefits such as complete flexibility and being as cost effective as can be. Create an insurance plan, however, can seem like a very daunting task. USHEALTH Advisors has trained insurance agents who take the client through the whole process. It is very important to understand the fine details of the plan when you are creating it yourself as it is crucial to have a coverage plan that first you to the tee. With this service, clients can pick and choose features that will be the most useful to them.



USHEALTH Advisors has agents all across the states. If clients are not sure where to find them, they can simply use the PPO service on the website of the company. USHEALTH Advisors has more than a hundred agents station in most states. The distribution branch has been recognized many times. USHEALTH Group has also received a lot of recognition. In fact, the chief executive officer of the company was named Best CEO of 2016 and took home the gold in the category. USHEALTH Group has won many competitions, and it is continuing to grow.

Goettl Gives Excellent Tips on How to Save During Summer

During summer, most people activate their HVAC system which often leads to high energy bills. Goettl offers affordable services to ensure that people have reliable and efficient AC systems. Below are tips from Goettl that can assist you to remain comfortable during summer and save on costs.

Upgrade Consideration and Thermostat Change

For people who use old AC units, they might have to consider an upgrade. The replacement costs might be high, but new AC models are more energy efficient since they less energy than the older units. It is advisable to upgrade your traditional thermostat with a programmable one to assist you in saving money. For your convenience, most of the latest products are controlled by smartphones making it easier to set temperatures.

Protect Your HVAC and Perform Regular Maintenance

It is advisable to keep the HVAC protected by placing a shrubbery or awning around your system to enable it to run smoothly and remain cooler. However, branches and leaves must be trimmed to ensure that they do not damage the AC unit. It is also essential to conduct routine maintenance on HVAC units to prevent smaller problems from escalating into bigger ones.

About Goettl


Goettl is an HVAC service company that offers exceptional heating and air conditioning services throughout Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern California areas. The company was established to provide the highest quality heating and AC equipment as well as repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Goettl’s main aim is to provide the best environmental solutions for homes to be comfortable and safe as possible. Visit Gofundme for more details.

Goettl uses its sister company, The Sunny Plumber, to provide its customers with drainage and plumbing services. The company offers water heaters and systems, and other energy efficient fixtures to ensure that the client’s utility bills on a monthly basis are lowered. Goettl ensures customers have a well -maintained air quality and heating system as well as an efficient duct system. Visit

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The Trail Blazing Marketing Team of Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg

Even before Ressler and Goldenberg met they were already making their own strides in the business world. By the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg founded an advertising website for gaming companies that he would later sell in 1999 to Intermix Media. Although he sold his company he still remained very involved in it. In fact, he became COO and VP of the aforementioned company.


Intermix Media had purchased a company from Don Ressler as well and this is where he and Adam Goldenberg would meet. Don had a website dedicated to fitness that helped several companies secure capital. This is where his inspiration for fashion was sparked. During this period Adam and Don became friends and this led to joint business ventures that took aim at beauty and fashion because both were in high demand.


Ressler and Goldenburg drew their inspiration from the two most significant factors for product success which are trends and pain points. As they focused on fashion they began to understand that consumers express their frustration and disappointment with the lack of options regarding:




*High-quality athletic clothes


The duo focused on personalized online fashion services. This would allow consumers to avoid the mall crowds and surf the e-commerce site from the comfort of their home with access to options you couldn’t find at the mall or store front. The aftermath of their idea was TechStyle and JustFab. These two companies were successful due to great business tactics like membership and promotional offers.


One of the most significant successes associated with the brand Fabletics which allows members to select from personal style suggestions based on the information and preferences provided by the member. Fabletics offers a diverse array of sizes made from high-quality materials and fabrics. The leggings, bras, shirts, and other items are designed for flexibility and movement. Everyone that signs up will receive special discounts.


Fabletics promotes empowering women and helping them embrace their own unique shape, size, and beauty. This concept that would be incorporated into the companies values was adopted from TechStyle and bolstered the appeal of Fabletics. They further promoted Fabletics with the help of the companies co-founder actress Kate Hudson. Kate’s passion for living a healthy life style made her the perfect spokes person for the brand.


With more than over 1 million VIP members of Fabletics, the company had to open brick-and-mortar stores across the united states.

MB2: making your dental office/ business secure.

Becoming a dentist is hard but practicing in the dental field successfully is tougher. People who want to be a well-known dentist need to be a student of a well-reputed college and should have an excellent credential to support their practice. But not only excellent credentials or brilliant marks can make your dental office grow, one should have seamless administration qualities to run the dental office successfully. Dental offices work differently, using different functions to help dentists get more patients, which include giving patients better services and making sure they are comfortable and will be coming back as permanent client, as there are loads of dental offices so if the clients are not treated properly they won’t be coming back to your clinic and will be switching to other clinics.

The biggest problem dentists face these days is that, that they are highly qualified but not business minded which makes them less than other clinics as the dental office doesn’t require good experience only but you also need business administrate skills as well so that your dental office flourishes and you get more clients. So good qualification, experience, and good administration can attract more clients looking for quality services and good administration making you well reputed in the market. MB2 Dental company is one of the companies that offer administration services for your better dental practices, whether they are run independently or not.

About MB2 Dental

MB2 understands the reason why many dental clinics are not successful as those clinics are under a well-qualified dentist. Because they lack in good administration skills, not attracting as many patients as they expected. MB2 has a team of talented professionals which can be recruited by the dental offices if needed. These professional looks after the administrative aspects and other different functions as well which include billing, accounts, HR solutions, cleaning, hygiene, appointments, marketing, following up, reception, customer services, taking feedback, reminder calls, and more.Dr. Akhil Reddy was one of the well-qualified dentist lacking in administrative skills, thus he was unable to attract more clients when he started independent dental practice, but getting linked with MB2 Dental changed his business chart entirely. Today Dr. Akhil Reddy is able to treat more clients and rest of the administrative jobs are taken care by MB2, resulting his business to flourish more.

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What Made Fabletics Different Than Others: Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

There are many successful online retail clothing stores in the athletic and leisure wear categories. The thing that sets these locations apart from others is who they have standing behind them. These men have worked hard to make sure that Fabletics is successful and they have done many things with the company that most people would never think to do with a clothing brand. All of this has made it easy for Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to become successful and it is something that they have done. They always make sure that Fabletics is trendy, convenient and provides the best shopping experience.


Trends are hard to keep up with, especially in the world of athletic clothing and leisure wear. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg always do their best to make sure that they are keeping up with all of the trends that are in the athletic areas at all times. This is what gives them their edge. They use celebrity designers to make sure that their clothing is exclusive and they also use it to help draw more customers in to the brand so they can give them all of the options that they need to be able to use the brand in the best way possible.


One of the biggest aspects of the business is the fact that they want to offer a convenient shopping experience for all of their clients. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know that convenience is key in any retail market and they are trying to make sure that their clothing is able to be the most convenient option for all women who want to be able to look good and feel good about themselves. By offering their clothing through different shopping methods, they are creating an environment of convenience for people who they work with.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg knew that shopping in a store was an exclusive way of doing things. They also knew that not everyone had the luxury of being able to go to the store when they wanted. To keep up with the exclusivity of things, they wanted to be able to show them different options and give them everything that they wanted like in a store. Instead of choosing select destinations where people would have to go to buy these items, they offered it all online in the showroom on their website to offer their customers a truly great experience.