All Eyes on Europe: The New Destination for Venture Capital

For years, the United States and Asia have been the hotbeds for venture capital, but a recent trend has began to develop with companies shifting their eyes and their money to Western Europe. Startups in Berlin, Stockholm, London and Paris, just to name a few, are drawing lots of attention and big bucks from investors with a bent towards technology. As with all fledgling markets, it is the affordability of startups in Western Europe in comparison to the United States and Asia. So far, through the first three quarters of this year, VC’s have dumped $10 billion into the European markets, and six times that amount has been boomed into the U.S. market at the same time.

Highland Capital is among the U.S. based investment firms that leading the charge into the European tech market. Not to be outdone by anyone, Highland Capital is backing upstarts like Barcelona based Social Point, a leading developer of games for the IOS and Android platforms with over 150 million players. They also endow the Berlin based Outfittery, which can be bes described as a team of online personal stylists for the fashionable European man.
Spearheading Highland’s venture into the European is the co-founder and president of the company, James Dondero. Jim has been at the cutting edge of the investment world, pioneering such trends as distressed investment. Under his direction, Highland Capital was one of the forerunners into the Collateralized Loan Obligation, or CLO market. Also, with being named the “king” of Global Allocation by the Wall Street Journal, it should come as no surprise that “Jim” sees the awesome potential for Western Europe to become a booming place for technologically based products and services.
With 30 years in the credit and equity markets, Jim is more than capable to take Highland Capital’s European affiliates to the next level, and possibly make them legitimate contenders with their counterparts in the United States and Asia. It was just last year that the anti-malware company, Malwarebytes, was endowed with $30 million by HC, and a press release that was published on December 9 of this year reports that the once small startup has realized a more than 100% increase in annual earnings.
And, while James Dondero has an obvious penchant for making smart, high yielding investments, he also invests in education, the families of military reservists, treatment and research of diabetes and heart disease, and public policy. James Dondero is not only a frontier business man, but also one who seeks to use his influence and resources to improve both the local and global communities. One can only guess the amazing things that are on the horizon for Western Europe with its new found status as a hub for technological innovation, but with Jim in the midst of it all, you can guarantee that great success is sure to follow.
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US Money Reserve Joins Fight To Alleviate Hunger

Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, a major provider of hunger relief throughout Texas is a part of an ongoing crowd funding campaign headed by US Money Reserve. CABF has partnerships with over 300 agencies that is spread across 21 counties and is a central component to alleviating hunger for Texas residents. The US Money Reserve prides itself on not only contributing to charity but encouraging their clients to participate as well. The contributions towards the campaign will benefit the Capital Area Food Bank of Central Texas which has a service area of 19,064 square miles and is currently in its 30th year of service. To encourage participation US Money Reserve has partnered with Crowdrise in creating the crowd funding campaign benefitting CABF.

US Money Reserve is an organization based in Austin, Texas that is the leading distributor of U.S. Government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. It provides consultation services for clients interested in purchasing high valued coins. US Money Reserve was created by veteran gold market specialists and continues this high level of expertise in helping people make the right decisions when purchasing these high valued coins. Currently US Money Reserve has over 100 experts that are knowledgeable in a variety of areas such as:
– Senior Gold Specialists
– Industry Leading Numismatic Experts
– Customer Relations Department
– Business Support Development
– Inventory Department
– Vault and Shipping Department
– Coin Research Professionals
The US Money Reserve is the company to use when wanting to diversify your portfolio and feel safe doing so.

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George Soros Donating To Hillary Clinton, Other Liberal Causes


As many on the political Right have suspected, George Soros is someone who puts his money into Left leaning causes. They often point the figure at him and say that he is a liberal billionaire. The ironic thing about this is that Soros has never tried to hide this fact about himself. However, the latest news about a contribution he has made is sure to get the blood of certain people on the Right boiling.

The New York Times is reporting the Soros among others have provided some funding to the Hillary Clinton for President Super PAC. This alone is sure to grab some headlines for Soros, but that is not the only Democratic issue that he is currently taking on.

It has also been reported that Soros is pouring money into lawsuits that seek to peel back laws put in place by GOP legislatures throughout the country. These are laws involving voting rights that the GOP lawmakers put into place for the purpose of cutting down on voter fraud they say, but many see them having another purpose.

Those who oppose these laws say that they are little more than obstacles put in place to prevent certain types of voters from getting to the voting booth. It appears to be a very targeted thing that aims to take down the number of Democratic voters.

Soros has agreed to put up to $5 million into the lawsuit efforts going forward as needed. He has not done so to this point, but he has put some money into the effort and will likely add to that as time goes on. It is something that is going to require a good amount of money to get through the various courts that it will have to travel through.

The first few states to get attention in these lawsuits are North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These are states were some of the worst laws have been put into place, and also states were they could have the most impact. They are all known as “purple” states meaning that they have roughly an equal number of Democratic and Republican voters. That makes the states highly competitive and important to the overall makeup of the government over time.

These lawsuits have focused in on those states in order to make sure that the places where the most damage could be done does not get done hopefully.

Many Republicans have dismissed the litigation as nothing more than a Liberal ploy to energize their own voters. They believe that the Democrats do not have a real case to be made but are instead only interested in getting their side to come out and vote. Democrats make the case though that there is a good reason that those voters would be energized, and that is because they are being stripped of their right to vote.

George Soros will continue to play a role in this ongoing effort to peel back laws that he and many others see as very discriminatory.

Premier Vacation Planners Use London Vacations Rentals

When beginning a search for a vacation rental in London I came across a website with the most reasonable prices. This website provides users with all of the information they will need to make an informed decision about their trip. I was one of the users that set up a trip that I would never forget. Using the London Rental agency that provides prices, locations, perks and more I was sure to have a vacation trip I would never forget.

London Escape is a very informative site online that gives users the ability to make informed decisions on their UK adventure. The rentals are set up for the traveler to have everything they need to stay in London comfortably.

Premium travelers begin their adventure by choosing your destination arrival and departure dates. The next information is how many guests will be arriving. This gives the agency the ability to provide the most comfortable stay available. Live operators answer any questions you will have. They begin by offering you several apartments to choose. Each apartment is specially put on your list to meet your specific desires perfectly. London Vacation has many properties to research within the areas you desire to stay.

After making your perfect choice, London Vacation Rentals help you with setting your reservations immediately. When reservations are set, the planners will send a confirmation to your email. It is that simple. Planning the perfect month or more in the UK is simple. You can now choose what you wish to do for fun, which museum you wish to visit, and how to pack in all the fun in the short time you have to visit.

I am very happy to say that I used London Escapes to plan my two month stay in London. They not only provide me with excellent accommodations but they also provide me with memories to last a life time. I gave the operator my budget, my arrival date, and my wishes; they are giving me a trip that I will never forget. Our company’s management are in the process of setting their own reservations for our next trip to the UK.

Healthcare Award for Highland Capital Management

Investment banking has contributed to the development of economic growth across the world. Many people have invested greatly in the development of financial banking institutions with the aim of initiating economic development projects. James Dondero is a personality that has hit the global field with his tremendous leadership skills. He is currently the president and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management. This is a multinational investment firm situated in Texas United States of America. The firm has many subsidiary branches that have contributed to its immense success in the recent years. The firm has a Long/ Short Healthcare Fund that has contributed a lot of resources in the development of the hedge fund into one of the most recognized private equity globally. In November, the Healthcare Fund won the US Hedge Fund Performance Awards which has seen its scale grow significantly in the international arena. James Dondero has continuously appreciated the effort made by Michael Gregory into spearheading the Healthcare Fund into a successful subsidiary of the Highland Capital Management. The healthcare department has grown into a successful entity with over 3billion dollars of assets under its management. It has also invested in the professional staffs that have a lot of experience in the healthcare industry for a long time.

Jim Dondero has a wealth of experience in the world of investment management which has made him to be among the most sought after personality in the investment world. He has headed the Highland Capital Management into amercing estimated 20billion dollars of assets under its management since its inception. This has made the company to be among the most successful and recognized companies across the world. Jim Dondero has generated knowledge in private equity, collateralized loan obligations and emerging markets. This operating sphere has seen many people benefit from the investment opportunities provided by the hedge fund. Small and medium scale enterprises have also benefited a lot from the capital they receive from the company.

As a result, many people have developed business enterprises making them to compete favorably in the international market. Highland Capital Management also offers advice to the small scale and big business entities on how to properly manage their assets to ensure maximum profit outcome. James Dondero has continued to offer good management skills to the company making it to grow and open branches in other countries like Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paolo. His good administrative skills have made many people emulate his deeds and subsequently succeed in life of investment management.

Banco BMG’s President Ricardo Guimaraes Signs the Top-Ranked Tennis Player in the Whole World

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the head of Banco BMG bank since 2004. Guimaraes serves as the Chief Executive Officer and also the President of BMG bank. Banco BMG bank started as Banco group, where it was owned and controlled by the Guimaraes family. This family held the largest number of shares in this bank.
Ricardo is also the founder of BMG bank. This bank offers advisory services, loans obligations services, mergers and amalgamations and equity credits. This bank is known for its quality distribution channel in the banking system. The bank has also secured a top ranking in the banking sector.
Ricardo Annes Guimaraes hit the limelight when he introduced the cheapest and the most preferred form of personal credit, the consigned credit. In his leadership era, Guimaraes has established a large number of selling points in the whole Brazil municipalities.
Banco BMG is well known for sponsoring diverse talents in Brazil. The bank has been in partnership with the Brazilian football and volleyball teams since it started operating. To fully support the different talents in Brazil, Guimaraes signed a commercial agreement with a local television channels that will create awareness to the citizens on the importance of helping home skills.
Recently, Ricardo Guimaraes the best tennis player in the whole world, Marcelo Melo. The Brazilian athlete has taken home many awards including the 1000 Master Shanghai, which were hosted in China, Master 1000 Paris, which were hosted in France and Association of Tennis Professionals in Acapulco as per the publications.
Guimaraes depicted that Banco BMG bank trading logo will feature in all playing kits, uniforms and other training materials. He also added that the signing of Marcelo Melo will motivate him to perform well and earn fame to Brazil athlete squad in 2016 Olympics which will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro.
Marcelo Melo was impressed by signing an agreement with Banco BMG bank exactly after returning from France where he won the double tennis game master 1000 championship with his partner Ivan. Guimaraes was also happy with the agreement having an assurance Marcelo will continue conquering other trophies.
Guimaraes stated that the signing of Marcelo Melo will help create a better name of the bank as more people concentrate more on sports activities. Ricardo efforts in promoting the wellbeing and improving living standards of the people have led him to receive Recognitions and Awards.

In conclusion, Ricardo Guimaraes has been a top-notch investor in the banking industry. His love for sports and developments has contributed to the Banco BMG success.

Assisted Living Facilities For The Aging Population

When you or a loved one is considered to be in the aging population, it can be more than a little difficult to try to live on your own. It might be dangerous to live in a large house all on your own, so this is where assisted living facilities come into play. The best way for you to get the independence that you crave with the safety that you need is to make sure that you or your elderly relative is in a good assisted living facility.

There are a lot of facilities out there for you, but one of the best is going to be the Manse on Marsh, according to the most trusted reviews. This particular facility is a wonderful option for a wide range of people because of the fact that it offers amenities, activities and a number of other things that you will find to be interesting. There are hundreds of people who currently call the Manse on Marsh their very own home, so this is definitely an option for you if you are looking to live somewhere that offers a number of things for you to do.  The Twitter has more information as well.

You will also find that the Manse on Marsh is affordable for just about any and every budget, a point they drive home on the website. There are a lot of facilities out there, but many of them might be too expensive for the average budget. Because of this, you or a loved one needs to find something that is going to be highly affordable and convenient for their budget. The best way to accomplish this is by looking at the different types of facilities and finding one that is in the budget that you need. There are a ton of different ways for you to get the care and compassion that you need, but finding the perfect facility is the only way for you to get this quality of care.

Whether you choose the Manse on Marsh or a different assisted living facility, these centers are specific to the care of elderly folks who want to live with their own independence without necessarily giving up on living by themselves, that’s why a trusted site like Senior Advisor should be sought prior to making a decision. They will get the proper medical care when and if they should need it. From there, they will be able to meet new people and participate in activities that they might have never been involved with in the past. This is why so many people have been looking into assisted living facilities and have been having fantastic luck with these centers either for their own benefit or for the benefit of one of their loved ones. This is a great time for you to be doing something like this when it comes to securing your own future or the future of a loved one.

Paul Evans Gifts Shoes to Several NYC Homeless

The Paul Evans brand recently proved that a simple pair of fashionable dress shoes can change a person’s entire life. During the week of November 16th, the company gave eight New York City homeless men new lace-style dress italian shoes handcrafted with high-end Italian leather.

The men were in need of new clothing and accessories: They were chosen to have their photographs displayed in a non-profit gallery exhibit called “Through the Eyes of the Homeless.” The exhibit was part of a larger project designed by the New York City Department of Homeless Services in partnership with The Heart Gallery to raise awareness about the lives of the more than three thousand homeless people who live in the city. It was also designed to empower the men chosen for the program.

Each man was given a special mentor-ship by a professional photographer and a digital camera. After their lessons, the men were told to take photos of interesting and engaging aspects of their lives in the city that are not usually seen by most non-homeless people. They were then aided by their mentors in picking photographs for the exhibit that showed off these hidden areas, their abilities and their new skills.

Ben Earley and Evan Fript, the founders of Paul Evans, decided to give the men Paul Evans dress shoes as a gift because they believed it would help the men “look their best” on the opening day of the exhibit. They also believed that the shoes would serve as an important job search aid. As noted in the original press release on PR Newswire, one of the men, Reggie, stated that the Paul Evans’ donation helped build his confidence. He also believed that the dress shoes would help any potential employers he planned to interview with in the future have a similar confidence in him.

Paul Evans is a New York City brand. All Paul Evans shoes are designed in the city and then produced in Naples in a family-operated facility. The shoes are well-known for being crafted by hand. Paul Evans then sells to customers via an online portal.

LondonEscape: THE Website For Great London Vacation Rentals

Over the summer, my college friends and I took a tourist vacation to London, something we had dreamed of doing for quite some time. We spent three weeks there, seeing all the sights and getting a feel for the heart of England. Of course, we were traveling on the limited budget of college students, and knew in advance that we needed to plan accordingly. After the costly airline tickets and taking into account our need for meals and plans to bring home souvenirs, we knew hotel stays would break the bank. Initially, we looked into hostels and home stays as potentially wallet-friendly options, but the latter seemed to imposing, and we needed more privacy and security than the environment of a hostel would provide.

That was where London Escape came in. We spoke with a travel agent before our trip, and she suggested that we visit the London Escape website to look for apartment accommodations. As it turned out, this was just what we needed! We typed in the dates of our visit, the number of people traveling, and our desired location within the city, then clicked. Within moments, we were presented with a variety of apartment options to choose from. We found an apartment that was private, quiet, and in just the place we wanted–close to the Tube, tourist attractions, and great dining options. The best feature of all was the price; the property was far more affordable than any hotel would have been, and made traveling with peace of mind a whole lot easier!

London Escape, for those who have never used a site like this, is a great place to search for affordable “homes away from home”. They advertise apartments, townhouses, condos, and suites listed by owners and landlords alike all throughout London. Each property is fully furnished, and regularly maintained, so cleanliness and comfort are ensured throughout your stay. Properties are inspected and certified by a real estate team before even being listed on the site, so safety and quality are a guarantee.

That was just what we got. Instead of being boxed away in tiny hotel rooms and eating out for every meal, my friends and I were able to share a roomy space and a personal kitchen in the heart of London. Thanks to London Escape, we were able to live our dreams and have the time of our lives in a place that felt like home; I was very satisfied with this experience, and would recommend this site to anyone planning on traveling to London.

Amazing Secrets Behind Dan Newlin’s Success

Dan Newlin is a leading attorney within Florida, who has managed to succeed in his pursuit for justice. He has been especially instrumental when acting to help victims of accident/injuries, who seek the right for compensation. Although most insurance companies have presented complicated terms that are meant to deny victims of accidents/ injuries their right share of compensation, Dan Newlin has always chipped in to help many of his clients access compensation in the right proportion and without unnecessary delays. His effort and skills have been noted among many professionals, thereby earning respect and recognition.

Starting his career at a young age of 20 years, Dan Newlin explored different scenarios that would help him earn more experience. He completed a degree in Law from the Florida College of Law in the year 2000 and was able to join the Florida Police Force, where he would begin his career. After almost one year in the force, he was identified among the most dedicated professionals and as a result, he was offered a higher post, which would see him head different departments. He worked with the investigations department among others and within less than two years, he managed to apprehend more than one hundred individuals. He was awarded severally, something that offered him motivation to pursue higher ambitions. All the cases he presided over were handled with fairness to ensure justice prevailed and the necessary information that was needed was always collected in time.

When he gained sufficient experience after working with the police force for some time, Dan Newlin started his own law firm that would help him address several issues within the confines of injury/accident cases. He then hired well trained professionals who have experience in the field and regular training has been conducted to keep his team updated. He also has worked with retired attorneys to get more ideas that will help keep the firm relevant and able to handle all types of cases. To make service delivery and access easier, Dan Newlin has invested in modern technology, especially with the introduction of the code alert that clients can use to get information about services they need. The company has also invested in online systems that help them to collect feedback from clients so they can improve on their operations.

To date, his firm has acquired more than $120 million worth of claims for most of their clients. This has been possible with the effort and dedication that has been put to ensure the firm delivers according to the needs of their clients. They have also ensured there are no loopholes that can encourage the growth and penetration of corruption. This has earned Dan Newlin a great reputation and respect for the good work he has invested in.