Vijay Eswaran and His Achievements

Dr. Vijay Eswaran was born in Penang on 7th October 1960. He was born to Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu working with the Malaysian Labor Ministry and Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, who was a teacher. Currently, he is the chair of the QI Group. He graduated with a socio-economic degree from London School of Economics.

Vijay Eswaran early life
Vijay Eswaran had the opportunity of traveling to many parts of the world during his childhood. He attended London School of Business and graduated with a degree in socio-economy in 1984. He resided in Europe for over a year where he did a variety of odd jobs. He operated a cab in London and also worked at a construction site in Belgium. While in the UK, he was introduced to a binary system marketing that prompted him to obtain an MBA and CIMA in 1986. During this time, he was engaged in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) while working with Synaptics.

QI Group

He returned to Asia, and he founded a multilevel marketing company that grew to become the today’s QI Group. QI Group is an e-commerce based conglomerate with businesses in corporate investments, training, wellness, telecommunications, media, travel, and luxury products. The QI Group has offices in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It has subsidiary companies in over ten countries.

Author and speaker

Dr. Eswaran is a highly respected speaker and lectures on topics ranging from business to spirituality. He has spoken at business as well as management forums around the world, for instance, the World Economic Forum and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India. He wrote the book In the Sphere of Silence in 2005 where he explained his personal life management and his habit of starting the day with an hour of silence. He has also spoken at business and leadership forums and leading universities.


Dr. Eswaran is a prominent philanthropist, and he has established the RYTHM Foundation. The Foundation is an arm of the QI Group that is engaged in philanthropic activities. He has also established the RF’s chapter in Malaysia. It works with local Non-governmental organizations and other charitable institutions that work on projects like special education, child mentoring, youth development and women empowerment. Vijay Eswaran speaks at various business and management symposiums and conferences in countries all over the world.

He was named in Forbes Asia’s annual list of philanthropic heroes in 2011. He was awarded at the 3rd world Chinese Economic Forum.Vijay Eswaran has become a pillar of many communities because he is also a giver.

Apart from his philanthropic character and a renowned motivational speaker, he has also written three books in addition to ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. The books include On the Wings of Thought, In the Thinking zone and 18 Stepping Stones.

QNet: Helping Others Succeed with Direct Marketing

QNet is a company that uses an e-commerce platform, direct selling techniques, and Independent Representatives (IRs) to offer a wide variety of products to a global market. QNet IRs, are everyday people seeking a better life. QNET offers IRs the opportunity to reach their financial goals. Success is performance based. QNET is the fastest growing e-commerce site and direct selling company.

Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark founded QNet in the late 1990s on the Philippine Island. They fashioned the business model in the multi-level marketing style. The founders guaranteed a bright future for their fledgling organization by opening a facility in Hong Kong and securing distribution rights for the 2000 Olympic Games commemorative coins. After their early success, QNet decided to add more product lines and began expanding operations throughout the world. Qnet is in the business of direct market selling (sometimes known as MLM selling), and many people seem to have the wrong idea about what they are doing.

Current product offerings include health and wellness products, personal and home care products, high-end luxury items, and fashion accessories, like jewelry and watches. Current countries of operation range from Southeast and Central Asia to countries in the Middle East and Africa. The most recent additions are Europe and Russia. In total QNet now operates in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to sales, QNet also has manufacturing operations in several countries. The most notable of these is India where the company is doubling down on investing in manufacturing facilities. The founders of QNet have a progressive outlook on how best to achieve success.

They support the distributors completely and operate with the belief that the company can only enjoy success when the distributors are successful. Eswaran and Bismark believe in a philosophy inspired by the work of Gandhi. They believe that service to others is the most reliable way to reach personal success. The two primary philosophies taught to all members of QNet are called RHYTHM and InService. RHYTHM stands for, Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, and InService has to do with leadership style.

QNet wants leaders that understand helping others succeed comes before personal success. According to QNet’s management philosophy, humility and selfless service are keys to good leadership. Standing by these two philosophies ensures continued success for QNet.

Anticipation Of The Upcoming Ski Season

Skiing is an activity that is most preferred during the winter season. Many people always look forward to this season so that they can display their skiing skills. However, it is crucial to prepare so that you can enjoy while reducing the chances of injury at the same time.
Below are ways in which you can prepare for skiing:
• Gym fitness
You need to prepare your legs prior to hitting those slopes. Enroll in a gym class that is meant for skiers particularly, or you can improvise your version at home. Consider doing step-ups, squats, and lunges, as they will make your skiing experience smooth.
• Flexibility
Ensure that your tendons and muscles are flexible. You can flex by performing regular stretches. Stretching your muscles will ensure that even if you fall during skiing, it will not injure your muscles, and you can get up and proceed with your skiing fun.
• Skis
Make sure that your skis are in perfect condition before the ski day. Proper maintenance of the skis involves sharpening of the edges and waxing the bases, which makes turning easier during skiing. It is important to inspect the skis as early as now so that you can do the necessary polishing before time runs out.
• Boots
Acquire boots early in advance. Make sure that they fit perfectly and that they are not too stiff. Stiffness will prevent you from skiing with the right techniques. Shop widely and make sure you get the best if you want to enjoy your experience in skiing.
• Skiing Attire
You need proper clothing to enjoy the experience. Assess your attire to see if it still fits you perfectly. Keep the long underwear, gloves, vests, and helmets in check and see that they still provide enough warmth. The key thing is to keep warm, not hot.
• Pre-skiing
You can do a little skiing practice on indoor snow slopes. It will help keep your balance in check, and you will get accustomed to the real experience.
• Make Early Bookings To Get The Best Discounts
Be ahead by booking early to get the best snow packages available and at excellent discounts.
Andy Wirth advises that one should prepare in advance for skiing by being fit, flexible, and acquiring the best equipment to make the best out of your skiing time. Wirth is the CEO of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts in Olympic Valley, California.
Having been in connection with the hotel industry and mountain resort throughout his life, Wirth has a real experience in the skiing industry, making his area a popular winter tourist destination.

A Living Tribute To Michael Jackson: Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson is regarded as one of the greatest musicians and performers of all time. The absence the “king of pop” from the music scene has left a void that is attempted to be filled by a variety of performers, but the best of them may be the Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. Many impersonators only bear a passing or superficial resemblance to Michael Jackson, but Sergio Cortes has an uncanny resemblance to Michael. This is coupled with Cortes’ attention to detail when it comes to costume selection and makeup, which creates an uncanny illusion of Michael Jackson in the flesh so great that it sometimes feels as though Cortes is somehow Michael reborn. YouTube and other video sharing websites are full of amazed onlookers to Cortes’ performances, it is remarkable how the public responds to his amazing act.

With the tragic death of Michael Jackson still fresh in the hearts of many of his fans, many miss the spectacular performances Michael would create. Fortunately the public has Sergio Cortes to re-create the magic that Michael left for all of his fans. While Cortes bears such a striking physical resemblance to Jackson, it is evident from watching videos of Cortes that he has captured more than just a visual representation of Jackson, but has also captured his beloved theatrical physicality that Jackson made so famous. Jackson was popular with the public for so many reasons, and it is safe to say that Cortes has been successful in distilling the essence of Jackson for his adoring fans. Cortes’ dance moves are akin to watching Jackson at his career’s peak. But it is well known that Cortes has what is perhaps the most illusive quality an impersonator may posses, the voice.

Cortes in performance has succeeded in uniting both the look of Michael Jackson, his movements, and most spectacularly Jackson’s signature vocal style. This amazing combination leaves audience members enthralled by Cortes, it is almost as though Jackson’s essence is truly alive and well in Cortes’ performances. With such a large body of work that spanned decades, Jackson left behind a seemingly countless number of songs that are some of the best known and loved of all time. Cortes has performed these songs to so many fans over the years and enriched their lives with his performances. Any Michael Jackson fan visiting Brazil would be remiss not to catch his breathtaking show.

Lime Crime: Inspiring Women to be Leaders

I grew up in the projects on Philadelphia’s west side, and I know what rough living is all about. My mom worked long hours as a waitress and Pop was not around much. Most of the time, my brother and I had to stay with Grandmommy while Mom was at work. Mom worked hard to make sure we had our needs met and she always said that we kids were going to get a good education and good-paying jobs. She kept track of all our report cards and was adamant that we get our homework done before play at Grandmommy’s place.

Grandmommy was our maternal grandmother and she lived on the first floor of our apartment building. Even though she had very little formal education, she was one of the smartest women I knew. For years, she and Grandpoppy owned a little restaurant in our neighborhood. Unlike a lot of other area restaurants, they still believed that making food from scratch was the best. Folks loved her homemade rolls and pies and stood in line for steaming hot bowls of Grandpoppy’s chili.

Economic times were rough around the time that Grandpoppy passed away, and Grandmommy had to close the restaurant. She was able to leave on a meager Social Security check and Grandpoppy’s veteran pension. As my mom always told us, Grandmommy believed that we could be anything we wanted if we worked hard enough. I can remember sitting on her couch and looking at all the beautiful movie stars in her old Look magazines and daydreamed of being a model.

Sundays were always special days for us, because Mom was usually off half a day. I remember watching Grandmommy sitting at her little vanity and fixing herself up for church. Although she was in her late 70s, she was still a beautiful lady. I enjoyed watching her put on her makeup just right and then she picked out the perfect hat for her outfit. We were by no means rich; however, I always felt like a million dollars when we were all sitting together at church.

After I got out of school, I decided to go to culinary school. I came from a long line of excellent cooks and wanted to continue the tradition. It was a lot of hard work; but it all paid off in the end. I worked for several top-notch chefs in the Philadelphia area and saved up my earnings. Five years ago, I opened my own restaurant and named it after my Grandmommy. Mom is my managing partner and has never been happier.

I did not give up my ideas of being a model. Sure, it is not my profession; however, I do love pretty clothes and makeup. One of my patrons introduced me to Doe Deere’s Lime Crime website. I was absolutely thrilled with all the brilliant colors of eyeshadows, lipsticks, glitters, and nail polishes available to order. Like me, Doe Deere worked hard and developed her own business on My regulars at the restaurant always admire the opulent nail shades that I wear from Lime Crime. I know that I am making my Grandmommy proud!

Joseph Bismark Created Something Great

According to what was said on BusinessWire, the QI Group is excited to work with a famous tennis player and to welcome her as being an advocate for them. Martina Hingis has made many big accomplishments in her life, and becoming an advocate for a company that she believes is doing good things is just one more great thing for her to do. She believes in the QI Group and all of the things that it is doing, and she is proud to be an advocate for it.
Joseph Bismark is the man who founded the QI Group, and he has successfully made it into everything that he wanted it to be. He wanted spirituality to be a big part of it, so he made that happen. He wanted the people who are working there to feel that they are being treated right, and to form a great deal of respect for one another, and that has come true as well. He has been a fearless leader for the company, and because of his great leading skills, the QI Group has been able to do many amazing things.
There are very few people in this world who are quite as talented as Joseph Bismark is. There aren’t too many people who are able to know what they want to do with their lives and know how to live right at a young age, but that is what Joseph Bismark did. He was raised by monks who taught him the values that he clings tightly to today. He learned how to be healthy, how to be wise, and most importantly, how to be spiritual. He has made his life into all that it is right now because of his upbringing, and he has also been able to incorporate much of what he had learned into his company, as well. He did so many amazing things in his life that he is a man that many people have come to look up to. He created a great work environment, and a company that does many great things, and everyone who sees that has a great deal of respect for him.

What Makes Sergio Such a Great MJ Impersonator?

Sergio Cortes is one of the best impersonators in the world today. He is one of the few people who looks like Michael, can dance like Michael, and can perform literally just as amazingly on stage as Michael. He has the stage presence and the gift to help bring this legendary musician back to life on stage. As a legend, Michael Jackson has changed the world of music over the years, and he has helped inspire people to Heal The World and even change that Man In The Mirror. His inspiring and exciting music is what has made him the legend he is today. Despite him passing away, the world never ceases to try and keep him alive. For Cortes, that simply means bringing his music and performances back to life with his amazing dancing skills.

What Makes Sergio Such a Great MJ Impersonator?

– Amazing Charisma

His charisma is astonishingly just like Michael. For most people in the world of impersonating celebrities and music legends, it is very common to look like a certain celebrity in some way or form. However, it isn’t always that easy, and it can even be tough to know how to perform the way the original artist does. For Sergio, he delivers Michael’s performance to a whole new level.

– Dance Moves Are Always On Point

His dance moves are practically just like the original. He takes the moves from the music videos and brings them to life on his own stage. He has studied, followed, and practiced exactly what Michael has done in the past with his dancing, and that is what sets him apart from the rest of the other MJ impersonators.

– Shows Are Spectacular

You can clearly see from his YouTube videos that he knows how to mesmerize a crowd and showcase the beauty of Michael Jackson’s stage presence. He loves to use special effects in his shows, along with stunning dancers and just his overall performance skills. Cortes has made this his livelihood; to bring this amazing legend to life.

Impersonators like Sergio are very hard to find in this world. They are outings to locate because of how few people actually take their craft this seriously. He has worked tremendously hard to achieve success in his field, and as a performer, he continues to perform in huge stage shows and performances. Only time will tell when he becomes an international impersonator.

Discover Sergio Cortés’s Impersonation Talent

If you have great affection for music, you must have listened to one of Michael Jackson’s albums. Jackson is well-liked for his creation of first-class music. Numerous people have yearned to watch one of his life performances, but regrettably, he died a few years ago. If you still have such dreams, you should not feel frustrated. This is because imitators will make sure you acquire the same stimulating experiences that you would have gotten if Jackson was still living.

It is familiar information that quite some individuals love to be copied instead of being pleased. The issue surrounding the career of Michael Jackson is a case in point of how such words are correct. Many individuals have tried acting as impersonators of Michael Jackson but to no avail. Only a few have been able to break the glass ceiling and risen to prominence as great imitators of Michel Jackson. These individuals are the ones who have managed to imitate his life as a musician and also his character as a person. Through hard work, Sergio Cortes has risen to great heights to become the best in imitating Michael Jackson. He has been able to produce excellent performances that have mesmerized his audiences. He copies every detail during his performances including how the late Jackson used to do his stage movements.

On the internet, various videos have been posted that give a glimpse of how Sergio does his performances. You can take some time and just watch a few of those videos, and then you will realize how Sergio Cortes is different from other individuals who claim to imitate Michael Jackson. The quality of the performances will not leave you disappointed because he creates a real image of Jackson. Many people often think that it is Michael Jackson himself performing. His ability, wit, and a great voice will leave you mesmerized.

Currently, Sergio has decided to travel the entire world to showcase his considerable talent to the supporters and fans of Michael Jackson, who are yet to recover from the sad news of Michael Jackson’s death. Lately, he has become very popular in Brazil, and his fame is now spreading all over the globe. Just a while ago, he was invited for a performance in an event known as Nature Tribute that was hosted to commemorate Jackson’s death. The event was held in Milan, Italy.

How To Go About Precious Metal Investments

Throughout the ages, gold has been the symbol of wealth from one civilization to the other. Then, there came the idea of money which was at first crafted from gold, and so were all the precious pieces of jewelry from the past. Even though thousands of years have passed since these ancient civilizations, one thing remains, the obsession people have with gold.


There was a time, especially after money started being made from other material that people seemed to have stopped thinking about gold as a central symbol of wealth. However, issues such as the global economic crisis and the loss of value of the dollar have made people rethink about the importance of investing in precious metals as opposed to just saving cash. It is said that the value of precious metals is not affected by rises and falls in the dollar value. This makes investing in the metals an ideal way to save money without the fear of having to deal with global economic fluctuations.


How to invest in gold


There are several ways in which you can invest in gold. Here are a few of the most common:


  • Stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies.
  • Exchange traded funds holding bullion
  • Antique and newly minted gold coins.


The companies that mint coins include the Gold American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and U.S. Money reserve among others. After deciding the investment type you want to make, you can consult companies that deal with these products for advice on how to start the investment.


Why invest with U.S. Money Reserve?


The people who founded this company understood that the process of investing in precious metals is very delicate. They, therefore, decided to approach the issue while giving special attention to the expert knowledge of the market, excellent customer service and trustworthiness in investment guidance. The team that works at U.S includes senior specialists in gold, a numismatic expert, a customer relations section, vault and shipping and coin research professionals among others.


The teams of experts that work at U.S. are an assurance that when you invest in them, you are making the right choices with your money. Their many years of service are an assurance that when they tell you about a certain investment, it is because they do understand the market, and they know the potential benefits in it. People that have invested with U.S. Money Reserve do not have any regrets at all.

Why Investing in Gold from the U.S. Money Reserve is the Smartest Decision You Will Ever Make

Investing capital is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money. Although investing may take longer than working to earn a significant amount of money, investing allows people to place their hard earned money into something, let it set, check on it occasionally, and let the money grow by itself. Anybody who can spell “investing” knows that diversification is key to having a successful portfolio. Without diversifying, one can theoretically lose all his or her money.

Proper diversification requires one to invest in a wide variety of commodities, which all act differently from one another. Investing in precious metals is a great way to help safeguard against inflation in particular. Inflation can render money useless, and investing cash into precious metals can ensure that one’s tender will not lose value (as long as the tender is bought into a precious metal).

Investing in gold in particular is undoubtedly the smartest decision to make. Gold is timeless, is becoming more scarce as people have such high demand for it, and can ensure that one will never lose their money to inflation. Investing in something like gold will probably not yield very much of a return, but the whole point of investing in a precious metal such as gold is to help safeguard one’s money against inflation.

Inflation can effectively render currency undervalued, at minimum. Investing in gold probably sounds rather appealing to anyone who has a little spare money laying around who is interested in investing.

U.S. Money Reserve is an internet-based store that sells gold and silver bullion, and a wide variety of coins. The U.S. Money Reserve is not affiliated with the United States government, but does sell 100% legitimate United States coins. Their coins can be found on their website, U.S. Money Reserve also sells gold numismatic coins and platinum numismatic coins.

U.S. Money Reserve is a highly reputable website, arguably the most popular coin dealer in the United States that operates online. Most of their products are cheaper than competitors’ products, and U.S. Money Reserve’s products are guaranteed 100% authentic, every time, or you get your money back.

Investing in gold is a very wise decision for anyone who already has money invested somewhere, or for someone who simply has money laying around and wants to put it to good use. Investing in gold as a precious metal works against the powers of inflation, which helps reduce the risk of an investor’s money disappearing or diminishing in value.


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