Question of European Input to AIIB Still Unanswered

The news of China’s initiation of the the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) sent shock waves through the global banking community as the many viewed the move as China increasing its influence in the world and not just the Asian rim countries. However, with an increasing number of European countries joining the bank, the question is presented as to whether China will be able to engage as much influence as it desires. Europeans May Spoil China’s Investment Soup

Anastasia Date ( employees have learned that one of the reasons that China initiated the AIIB in the first place was to be able to execute lending and investment strategies outside of the influence of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. China also saw that it had little influence in the Japan U.S. lead Asian Development Bank.

The AIIB bank seemed to be the mark of China’s bold move but questions are surfacing as to whether the influx of European members will stall China’s desire for an Asian centric bank. So far all parties have indicated that they will work together in a spirit of cooperation and that the design of the AIIB is in the best interest of the global economy despite the recent row with the U.S. with the United Kingdom and its other European allies.

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  1. However, the issue of what roll the European AIIB members will play in setting policy is still outstanding and needs to be resolved before full confidence is placed in the institution. It is also a nice thing that the best dissertation company could have organized in order to have things written about all the time.

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