Ricardo Tosto Receives Public Recognition for Being the Best Brazilian Lawyer

Law is a prominent professional in Brazil. With an easy to navigate the legal system, most people hardly require extensive professional assistance. The Brazilian constitution is equally easy to understand as it holds the entire basis for practicing law in the system. With its implementation in 1988, many students in Brazil have shifted their interests to law. Usually, lawyers in Brazil begin their studies at about the age of 24. The course at law school takes five to six years including internship. All certified lawyers who have passed the bar exam in Brazil receive legal certification to practice law. In 2011, Brazil had approximately 676,854 lawyers in the market. Currently, there are more than 100,000 lawyers who have not received legal certification. After the bar exams, law students have the authority to work in any legal firm or corporation in Brazil. Following receipt of the licenses, lawyers are allowed to contract law, assist clients with class actions and help in pursuing justice.


When it comes to the population of lawyers across Brazil, most large firms have approximately 500 lawyers. Most of these companies receive full-service attendance from lawyers. For a country smaller than the United States of America, it is overly populated with excellent legal services. Some of the best and best services law companies include Pinheiro Neto in addition to TozziniFreire. Most law firms that have a specialization in one particular area have less than 60 lawyers. Following the statics provided by the legal system, top Brazilian lawyer firms hardly hire over 500 licensed lawyers. It, therefore, means that there are many students compared to actual lawyers in Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto is a professional lawyer hailing from Brazil. He is a partner and founding associate of Leite, as well as Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto specializes in credit recovery, banking, acquisition as well as business restructuring. Ricardo Tosto has initially worked as a law adviser in the human resource department at Grupo Rede. Following his impressive performance in law, Ricardo Tosto received public recognition from Who’s Who Legal nominations. He received the recognition for being one of the best performing legal lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto remains a force to reckon with in the Brazilian law industry.

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