Sussex Health- A Super Health Care Facility And Support Home

Sussex Health, located on Dorking Road in West Sussex in the United Kingdom, is a super health care facility as well as a support home. I am going to share a lot of information with you about this wonderful facility that includes what their mission is, how long they have been in business, and what awards that they have won.

Sussex’s Business Standards

The values that are part of Sussex’s vision are dignity and respect, one team, compassion, and safety and quality. They are also focused on the future and they embrace change. What dignity and respect mean to them is that they value every individual and they do not tolerate actions that show a lack of courtesy and respect or actions that are inappropriate.-Their employees also see themselves as one team that works together and they have a “can do” approach to all that they do.

They recognize that they all add value and have equal worth. When it comes to compassion, they respond with kindness and humanity. They also do not wait to be asked to do something. If they see something that needs to be done, they just do it, because they care. The last part of their mission has to do with safety and quality as they take responsibility for everything they do and they strive to provide safe and high-quality care for the people that are in their care. They also focus on the future which means that they are optimistic and they are always to improve their methods of doing things and are always learning. The last part of their vision is that they embrace change that is dedicated to using the resources available to them to improve how they do things.

The Services That Sussex Provides

Ever since they opened for business in 1947, Sussex has provided a lot of services to their patients that are in their care. For their older residents, they have a great team of nurses that help them meet their health and social needs. They provide residential and respite care for them. To keep their residents entertained, Sussex offers them fun things to do like handicrafts, quizzes, reminiscence sessions, music and movement, cooking, and art therapy. The therapies that they offer include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and reflexology. Meals are very important to Sussex and are prepared by trained chefs. These chefs use high-quality ingredients that are very fresh, tasty, wholesome, and are elegantly prepared. Sussex also provides a lot of different care types to meet the needs of all of their residents like dementia care.

For their dementia patients, they provide twenty-four nursing care and they help them remember things with stuff that is familiar to them and reminiscence boxes. They also provide neurological services for their residents that need them. These services include physiotherapy, language and speech therapy, and they also provide alternative therapy like aromatherapy and reflexology. Their homes also have spas and hydrotherapy pools. Sussex HealthCare also works closely with consultants and teams of specialists. They also work with local clubs to ensure that their patients have access to social interaction. Finally, they also provide services to people that have learning and physical disabilities.

Sussex is also prepared to care for their patients that have learning and physical disabilities. They provide “person-centered care where the patient is at the forefront of all activities and outcomes.” They have specialist facilities, equipment, and staff that is very skilled to care a large assortment of disabilities and needs. Some of the services that they provide for these patients are college activities, therapeutic intervention, and around-the-clock care with the most modern of aids and adaptations.

All of these services, along with their values that makes Sussex dedicated to their employees and their patients, are what make Sussex a facility that is truly super.

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