Ted Bauman’s Role at Banyan Hill Publishing

The man Ted Bauman has been working at Banyan Hill Publishing since September 2013. He is the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Smart Money Alertas. In his practice, he specializes in areas such as asset protection, privacy, matters linked to international migration and also low-risk investment programs.

Education and Experience

Bauman joined the University of Cape Town in South Africa for his postgraduate degree in economics and history. Previously, he worked at Habitat for Humanity as the director of the international housing program. He got an opportunity to research and write various articles related to global development. He has also worked as an adviser while studying and writing on issues touching on the financial, housing, and urban planning. He was once a consultant to theUnited Nations, the South African government, and donors from Europe on various issues.

Bauman’s Article on Health Care Coverage

While working at The Bauman Letter, he wrote an article about the American healthcare sector. He noted that there is a serious problem not only in the industry, but also on the insurance systems. To him, it would be wrong to undo Obamacare without first having a working replacement.

The U.S. Senate failed to remove Obamacare was mainly because of the lack of a viable alternative. He notes President Trump’s executive order to reduce cost-paying payments by $7 billion will affect the Americans in the long run. The $7 billion that was cut is the amount that the government pays to insurance companies for low-income consumers. With time, he says the insurance premiums will rise to 25%.

Ted has also written articles providing advice to stock investors. He highlights on essential factors such gross value after inflation and how they indicate the sustainability of a company or profits. In another article about voting, he observes that most of the American voters are the old people in the society. He attributes this to the importance they put on the policies that touch their lives.

The Impact of Bauman’s Work

Bauman has helped governments and international groups make informed decisions on matters related to housing, finance, and even urban development. His articles have had a major on the lives of Americans by increasing their knowledge on issues related to health, politics, and investments. Many people are now able to make informed decisions by reading his articles.


Due to his exceptional performance, Bauman has been recognized and published in various international journals. Some of these journals are the Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Urbanization and also other South African media houses such as Cape Times and New Internationalists among others.

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