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Recent studies have revealed that Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly referred to as ADHD, sits with the rest of the most diagnosed neuropsychiatric disorders. Said to affect about 3 to 10% of children, ADHD can be carried on through adulthood.

Inattentiveness, impulsiveness or hyperactiveness can be tell-tale signs that a child has ADHD. There are categories that classify the different kinds of ADHD and they are based on the symptoms that a person would display. These categories would include Predominantly Inattentive Presentation, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation and a combination of the two. Later studies have suggested that ADHD maybe inherited or have been passed on genetically.

Neurofeedback and its various applications have been found to successfully treat ADHD. The child’s distractibility and hyperactivity were said to have improved significantly upon the application of SMR neurofeedback. Researchers were also able to point out that ADHD can be defined as an excess of theta waves as well as a decrease in beta waves.

Meanwhile, Neurocore believes in the power of applied Neurotherapy to fortuitiously help people with ADHD- whether they are children or in their teens and even well into their adulthood. With that core belief, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers started operating in 2004. They specialize in delivering data-driven, brain-based assessments as well as providing training programs for use of children and adults.

Improvements in mental acuity and even sleep disorders were seen as the result of Neurocore’s use of EEG, qEEG and neurofeedback. In addition, there was also an observed increase in the patient’s ability to handle stress. Neurocore also combined neurofeedback with heart rate variability training which a type of biofeedback is. This method combines subconscious reprogramming of the brain along with more conscious efforts to regulate one’s breathing patterns by utilizing therapeutic breathing techniques. Patients at Neurocore are able to simultaneously strengthen their minds and bodies while reinforcing their mind-body integration.

Neurocore has rightfully earned its position as a national authority when it comes to applications of neuroscience. Now operating for fourteen years, a total of eight brain performance centers are currently serving Michigan and Florida states. Read more about Neurocore at

These days, athletes and even franchises, have now realized the importance of integrating neurofeedback as part of training routines. What is next for Brain Performance Training Centers remain to be seen. It has certainly gone a long way from just trying to help a child with ADHD. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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