The establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair


At the forefront of precision research in the medical field is the Rutgers institute. Situated in New Jersey, this institution focuses majority of its resources and intellectual effort in providing answers to the modern day problem of cancer. This exercise calls for nothing but top standard and highly motivated scholars in order to propel the groundbreaking medical innovation. In a bid to sustain the required unique level of commitment, discipline, support and hence progression, a total of 18chairs had to be created. The ambition in this was to attract anonymous donations of $1.5 million from each chair. Having pledged $1.5 million, Omar Boraie the New Brunswick developer had the privilege of having the chair named for him.

After several years of research in this field with few substantial breakthroughs, genomic science has embarked on making changes to the line of approach used in the research work. Precision medicine has also had a major to play in the shifting ways that professionals and experts as well carry out diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases. Unlike in the past, recent procedure for handling cancerous tumors is up on the genes and genetic composition of the specimen in question. This has enabled the provision of custom-made solutions for each person hence improving on the effectiveness of the remedies. The works of precision medicine have been so promising for the future that at a recent address to the state, president Obama promised further initiative support.

Despite the fact that numerous other centers have subscribed to the use of genes to remedy cancer situations, none has been able to incorporate the use of precision medicine like the Rutgers cancer institution. Genomic sequencing generally greatly improves the chances of effective therapy especially for the unique cases of cancer in the community. This development has been very essential in the classification of various cancers into subcategories.

Due to the tenacious work of the researchers in this line of work, the treatment of non-responsive cancer cases is possible. The pledge made by Omar Boraie has been very essential in leveraging support for the program. With more 17 pledges that are to be made, it is expected that research work intensify for betterment of results in healthcare and facilitation of cancer patients.

The Rutgers institution is leading the way with this work. It was one of the very first organizations in the state. It also works hand in hand with the state university of New Jersey to ensure steady supply of tenacious and motivated intellectuals in the system. The facilitation of translational research has also been a very crucial part of healthcare in the state.

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