Human beings are gifted with diverse talents and capabilities. The late Michael Jackson was such a talented singer, songwriter and performer he became a legend early in his career. In fact, he is arguably the most electrifying performer ever.
Michael Jackson’s untimely demise in the year 2009 devastated the entire entertainment industry. He served and still acts as a role model for many. His great legacy lives on even after death. Most notably, the presence of many Michael Jackson impersonators around the world keeps his fans entertained.
Sergio Cortes stands out among these impersonators. He has become famous in such a short period. He is best known for performing replicas of Michael Jackson songs with corresponding moves and makeup. Sergio Cortez displays replica performances of Michael Jackson songs with similar moves and makeup.

Sergio Cortes is a citizen of Spain having been born and raised in Barcelona in the year 1971. He grew up idolizing Michael Jackson and watching his Videos and live performances. As a young boy, he would learn the moves and later use them to impress his family especially his mother who supported her. His mother realized his passion and talent and bought him video recordings of Michael Jackson to practice.

Cortez cites his heart-break on receiving the new of his idol’s death. He had always dreamt of meeting the pop legend. Two years later, he decided to honor Michael Jackson by impersonating him. To the surprise of many people that thought Sergio was just another act, he instantly became a hit. He took over social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Clad in classic Michael Jackson regalia, Sergio Cortez made his first performance at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid.

Since that thrilling debut performance, Sergio’s life has changed. His ability to copy every aspect of Michael Jackson’s performance endeared him to fans across the world. His schedule is always tight with concerts and tours. He loves to thrive on the publicity he receives. On social media, connects with his fans by sharing images and videos.
Currently, Mr. Cortes has been in the studio to record his renditions of several Michael Jackson hits. He intends to shoot videos to these songs in remembrance of the pop icon. Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on thanks to Sergio Cortes and other impersonators. Indeed, music is a universal language that transforms lives.

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