Thor Halvorssen an Influential Product of His Generation

A product of his generation, Thor Halvorssen has defined what it is to be a successful human rights activist. His work with the Oslo Forum, in film making, and in defense of the overworked and mistreated has established him as one of the most influential individuals to tackle human rights in the 21st century.

Early Upbringing and Education

Thor Halvorssen were born in Venezuela. His parents would have incidents in which his father would be jailed, and mother shot in standing up for the government and fighting corruption. This early occurrence had a gigantic impact on Thor Halvorssen’s life as he would learn to stand up to corruption in government and push agendas geared towards making lives better.

Halvorssen was in college studying Politics and History at the University of Pensylvania when the events occurred. The combination of the intellectual setting in which he lived in in combination with his parents enthusiasm for standing up to corruption prompted Halvorssen to write articles for the Washington Post and inspired his further creation of the Oslo Forum and the films he would later go on to create.

Success With the Oslo Forum

The Oslo Forum was created by Halvorssen in order to establish a giant meet up in which individuals could then discuss human rights issues via a constructive convention. The convention acts as a big celebration for human rights and helps to bolster positive ideas that are championed across the globe. Established in 2003 the Oslo Forum hosts around 100 participants who speak on a variety of topics. The Norway held convention has proven to be a fantastic success that has gone on to set a precedent for world leaders in regard to values.

Future Success

Through his films such as Sugar Babies and Indoctrinate U Halvorssen has been able to create highly influential human rights videos. These videos champion ideas surrounding human trafficking and the abuse of political power in educational environments. Halvorssen continues to focus most of his efforts on film making, establishing himself as one of the most successful human rights film makers of all time. Halvorssen is truly an inspirational role model for future generations to come.

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