Under Don Ressler’s Leadership, Fabletics Continues With its Revolutionary Vision of Women’s Activewear

When it comes to athletic wear for women, most women are usually stuck between two choices: affordable or fashionable. In fact, the sportswear market for women has had a gap between functionality and fashion for a long time. With the consumption of activewear at an all-time high in the year 2010, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler noticed the trends. Realizing that athletic wear for women would not be slowing down soon.


The duo co-founded the Fabletics brand with a mission of creating attractive activewear that was functional, fashionable, and most importantly, affordable. Ressler and Goldenberg put their heads together and emerged with a revolutionary vision meant for women’s activewear. They focused on what women wanted and flipped the script. Through consumer tests as well focus groups, the duo found out that the greatest problems facing women in the world of sportswear were the same across the board.


Those clothes were garish, costly and often ill-fitting. Also, their quality was abysmal plus less than comfortable. It was hard to find an outfit that was attractive, felt good and pocket-friendly. The work of Don Ressler with Kate Hudson as the brand’s face changed all of that. Hudson’s appealing face, confident, and friendly nature was different compared with other brands.


Hudson’s personality and her passion for media industry enabled her to connect with consumers with ease, thus connecting Fabletics brand to the masses. She joined the company as a co-founder. To this day, Hudson takes her work seriously focusing on improving Fabletics’ presence online as well as in person.


Working through a few hiccups, including financing issues in the company’s early stages, Ressler punched through one of the biggest comfortable sportswear enemies, complexity. His focus, determination, and previous experience in the industry of fashion, Ressler together with his team improved the clothing, and it was high in quality and quite comfortable. A strong online presence, plus a great grassroots appeal made Fabletics immediately to stand out from its competitors. The brand sold online through Hudson’s personality, and also created a discount pricing system which increased their sales.


Not satisfied with only maintaining the status quo, the brand has stated in 2017 they are going to be working on expanding their market, targeting the category of a plus-sized woman. That’s good news because fashionable clothes for a woman who is large and want to take her health seriously will provide her with both incentive plus comfort to get in shape, lose weight, and take care of herself. https://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/don-ressler/credits/509223/

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